Affordable Solutions to Water Quality Problems
water pump repair and replacement


We'll come to your rescue in any emergency!

From residential to commercial to agricultural water pump installation and repair service, our experts - with over 30 years experience - do it all. If your pump is malfunctioning, your can rely on our 24/7 emergency service at the most reasonable rates. 

Quality pumps, guaranteed:
  • Water pump repair
  • Water pump installation and service
  • Jet pump installation and service
  • Pressure tank and switch install or service
  • 3- and 4-inch submersible pump installation or service
  • water softener repair and sales


    Softer water means softer skin.

    If you have hard water, you know all to well how dry your skin can get, especially during the winter months. One of the many benefits of softer water is that it's easier on your skin. Call our experienced technicians today for a top-quality water softener unit and installation at an affordable price.

    Quality, affordable water softeners:
    • Water softeners
    • Water softener installation
    • Water softener repair
    • Water conditioning
    • Service or rebuild of almost any brand of water softener
    purified drinking water system


    Don't guess about your water quality!

    Whether you're buying or selling real estate, you should make sure the water in your area is safe. With our complete water testing for USDA and FHA loans, you can rely on our service to your 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

    We test for a wide variety of chemicals, minerals, heavy metals, and other dangerous impurities in residential tap water, including:
    • Chlorine
    • Nitrates
    • Lead
    • Bacteria
    • Parasites
    • Mercury
    • Pesticides
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